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Ovnest offers insightful and demonstrative courses in two areas:

A) Stock Market Investment: covers various sessions including technical and fundamental analysis, brokerage account comparisons, financial instruments, reading financial reports, risk management, market psychology, research and data filtration.

B) Options Trading: covers various sessions including options strategies and how they work, greeks, market mechanics, reading charts, risk management, research and analysis, historical data analysis and data filtration.

Ovnest provides the platform for self-paced learning in Stock Market Investment, and Options Trading. You can book any of the classes online via Ovnest.com.

To get going, decide what area you would like to take lessons on. All lessons are self-paced. You will need to have access to internet. You can learn online in a coffee shop, at a local library, or from your couch at home. Payments are hassle-free. When you’re ready to start, there’s nothing left to do but book your first lesson.

The word ‘Ovnest’ is driven from the term “Over the Nest”, meaning beyond your savings. Through Ovnest, our goal is to dissect your lifestyle and inject a sense of healthy financial direction into the person you are today and tomorrow. We help you control and build your financial literacy through demonstrative and self-paced lessons in stock market investment, and options trading.

The answer is simply NO. We focus on teaching you the ‘how’ so you can have the ability to invest and trade by yourself. Through our insightful lessons, we will develop you to become an active participant in the financial markets so you can benefit yourself over the long-term.

Pricing varies based on the lessons you want to take. Please visit the Pricing link of the website for more information.

Payments are hassle-free. You will have the ability to process payment securely prior to starting your lessons. Once you complete the payment, we’ll send you an email notification with the details.

Most brokers will allow you to open an account with as little as $250. Our lessons explain why this isn’t necessarily a good idea. If you have little money to start with (or none at all) you can open a demo/paper trading account that simulates a real trading environment but with fake money. A demo account allows you to practice the skill of making money in the market without risking a cent of your hard earned cash.

When you are confident in your ability and apply the strategies taught, we recommend starting your live account with at least $500. If funds are tight to start out with, our community teaches you some creative ways of raising capital.

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