About Ovnest.com

In a world where everything is connected, information flows overwhelmingly, and exponential technology growth & disruptions are the new norm, there has never been a better time for an individual to be an active participant in the financial markets.

But there is a gap. It takes effort, guidance, and mentorship to understand how the markets function and benefit from them. This is where Ovnest comes in – to provide one-on-one personalized learning in three areas:

– Personal Finance

– Stock Market Investment

– Options Trading

Our mission is to educate the public through the provision of one-on-one personalized learning for a sound and intelligent financial control, investments and trading.

If you are a driven person, in spirit or by experience, whether you live in Washington D.C. or Cape Town, whether you are in college or an employee of a multinational corporation, this private learning is for you. It is about seriously leveling up your abilities and your ambition. It is about disciplined capital development based on data arbitrage and strategic thinking.

These private sessions will educate and inspire you to get off the couch and be an active participant in the financial markets. Remember, everything around you was made by people no smarter than you. Once you have direction, you will never look back. We hope you take initiative on your financial well-being.